is an online process management toolset that manifests the Objective Driven approach.

As such it concentrates on:

  • Clear and thorough preparation for projects – Scoping / specifying relative to Objectives
  • Closed the loop between objectives, deliverables and project outcomes (deliverables).
  • Enabling the business and it teams to keep focus on objectives for decision making and driving outcomes (maximising benefits)

A variety of project types is a platform that supports many different project types, for example:

  • Different technology types: CRM, ERP, Accounting, Practice Management etc
  • Different industry verticals: Finance, Manufacturing, Retail, Construction etc


To achieve this support for a diversity of project types is set up to allow experts / consultants to create and use their own versions in their own domains of expertise. The combination of an Objectives Driven process and specific / niche expertise further helps to create better projects and improve outcomes.

Adopting Objectives drive &

Experts / consultants can:

  • Set up their own Lite instance for free
  • Enquire about S-Suite and using to drive projects for their mid-sized & enterprise clients

Running your own IT/ Systems projects ‘in-house’?

  • Visit to find an instance that matches your project
  • Enquire about consultants using and running Objectives Driven projects